Clean Eating Challenge, Days 5, 6 & 7

Woohoo, it’s the weekend! Hence why I haven’t posted in three days. And what an interesting three days they’ve been in terms of this challenge.

Friday, day 5, was pretty easy – two shakes for my first two meals, and then I made hummus and scrambled eggs for dinner, with some leftover roasted sweet potatoes. My hubby came home a little later than normal, and I was nice enough to order him a pizza for dinner. It seemed to please him!

Saturday, we started out at the Farmer’s Market, and then we took a trip to the city, and that was my first experience since starting the challenge of being out and about all day. Note to self, plan snacks better, and bring more water. Our breakfast out was meager, because apparently “light” meals equal egg beaters. Blech. So come 10:30, I was starving and cranky. We ended up at Whole Foods and got some scrumptious brown rice sushi and I was a much happier person! Not going to lie, though, walking around there, I sure do miss bread, coffee and cheese. That store is just an overwhelming happy place with all the smells. We meandered in the produce section and one of the stockers asked us if we wanted to try some of the more exotic fruits. But of course we do! Rambutan, Mangosteen and Gooseberries; each was such a unique flavor profile and extremely delicious! I also got some quinoa, and am going to be trying some Ezekiel bread.

Today, Sunday, I discovered the health food store in town, and it broke all my previous expectations! I thought it would be more like a GNC – all vitamins and maybe some protein powders. No! It was like a mini-Whole Foods! They had all kinds of things, including a small freezer section! (Note my excitement due to all the exclamation points.) I found a raw protein bar that had only good things, and my new tea addiction, peach Steaz. I actually tried one (for the first time) with my sushi yesterday, and am super excited that I found it in town. They also had dairy free cheese and gluten free bread, so I made cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries for dinner – I’ve only been craving a cheeseburger since Tuesday! I was pleasantly surprised by the Udi gluten-free bread, I couldn’t tell the difference. My final experiment for the evening was protein balls using Arbonne chocolate protein powder, gluten free flour, almond butter, agave, a small pinch of cinnamon and a sprinkling of cocoa powder with some chia seeds for crunch. I stuck them in the freezer to try tomorrow, hopefully they turn out! I’m sure this will be a continuous experiment.

The next few days are going to be challenging. I’m going on a retreat for my job, and though I’m super excited about it, I think the dietary restrictions are going to be interesting. They have a gluten free menu, which is helpful, and I’m going to take my protein with me and some snacks, but still. The worst part will be the happy hour and the “s’mores on the patio” – I want to partake and not be rude, but it breaks everything! Dilemmas.

P.S. sorry for the complete lack of pictures. Like I said – busy weekend!