Ok, so we got a new barbecue grill today. And let me say, I LOVE IT! My dad has always been the one to work the grill, and my parents have a gas grill, so I was a little fuzzy on the details. But Google is my friend, I figured it out. We had a little bit of money left over, so we got ourselves a grill, a chimney to start the coals, some charcoal, and some cheap grilling tools. Oh, and matches. Because for some reason we don’t seem to have any lighters in the house? This grill we found at Lowes, and it has this cool little feature where it folds up pretty flat, can hang if we want it to, and the way that it is built, it rolls around like a large suitcase, and even has a little table to go along with it. Very cool invention.

So, meal number one on my snazzy new grill was porkchops. I marinated them first in this Grill Mates Brown Sugar Bourbon mix that I got for like 69 cents, that mixes with oil, water and apple cider vinegar. I was pretty sure my hunny was going to pass out from delicious flavor overload. It wasn’t terribly hard to figure out how to grill stuff without burning it and/or overcooking it. I put it over the hottest part for a few minutes each side and then moved it off to the not so hot portion where it wasn’t directly over coals, closed the lid and let it cook. At the same time that the meat was going, I also had some corn on the cob going on the grill as well.

I will never cook corn the same way again. It was THAT GOOD.

I de-husked (I don’t know what the correct term would be for removing the husk so I made one up) the corn, rubbed some canola oil on it (has the best neutral flavor) and then put it in some tin foil with some sliced garlic, dry ground sage, dry ground onion, salt and pepper. Wrap that up into a little faux-husk, and let it cook for the same amount of time as the pork on the not-so-hot portion of the grill. It turns out flavorful and juicy and delectable.

I mentioned to my hunny that I’ve never heard him make the “Oh my goodness this is the best thing I’ve ever ate ever” sounds while eating something I made, it’s always while we’re at a restaurant. I’m going to sit up here on my happiness cloud now. Best wedding money spent thus far, I think!