Clean Eating Challenge, Day 4

Day 4, I got my products! It was very exciting to see that huge box on my doorstep! I’m super excited to try it out. I did add some fiber boost to the dinner I made last night, and it really is tasteless and odorless, and the best part, in my opinion, is it doesn’t change anything in your dish – it’s not a thickener, it doesn’t make it runny, anything like that. So it’s not going to affect the dish if you add it.

I did have two shakes yesterday – one for breakfast and one for lunch, and I didn’t seem to have any problems with being starving. At least, not more than normal. It took a few hours, and it was dinner time, and then I was hungry. But I’ve been doing really well with spacing out my meals and snacks throughout the day. It’s almost becoming a second nature. Now I just need to work on drinking more water. Baby steps!

cauliflower-pastaYesterday was (unfortunately) one of those days. And with my emotional eating, all I wanted to do was drive over to Wayne’s, get a burger and a cherry limeade, and eat my feelings. Instead, I went to the grocery store and bought healthy, gluten free ingredients for dinner. Except that one I had to send my hubby for later.

roasted-vegetableDinner last night was a completely different one than I’ve ever tried before, but it was comfort food all the same, and that’s what I needed. Completely vegan and gluten free too! I made a cauliflower “alfredo” sauce, rice pasta, and roasted veggies. The cauliflower alfredo took some toying with – so I’ll post a recipe for that one later. The pasta, though it was rice pasta instead of wheat pasta, was really good! Neither of us could tell the difference and my hubby even went back for seconds – which means it must have tasted good.

The Past Few Weeks

The past few weeks have been busy to say the least. I haven’t been cooking much, we’ve been eating corndogs from the freezer, eating out, and the occasional home cooked goodness.

Here are a couple of things I’ve made in the past few weeks.

Image Gluten Free Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings


Image Home-made strawberry shortcake with whole wheat biscuits and home-made whipped cream



Image Healthier Eggplant Parmesan – not swimming in sauce, and a touch spicy

Pizza, Pizza!

Well, today is my five-year anniversary with this blog! Go figure, that’s kind of awesome. So much can happen in five years. We’re making sushi for dinner tonight, so we can call that an anniversary dinner. 🙂

A couple nights ago, we made home made pizza, and since Miss Kelly is going gluten free, we actually made three pizzas! We had one gluten free crust, one regular crust, and one zucchini crust. That last one was another Pinterest find, something I had been wanting to try. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s a little tricky. It doesn’t hold the same amount of weight as a regular pizza crust – you’d have to get it really, really dry before it’s baked. I still don’t know that it’s got enough holding it together. It was good though! The gluten free crust was really good too – I almost liked it more than the regular crust. It had a completely different texture and flavor. Our veggie crust and gluten free crust were both veggie pizzas, while the regular crust was pepperoni for my hunny. I also added some olives and some italian seasoning, and needless to say, there were very few leftovers.

Not so much to tell – but pretty pictures – can you tell which crust is which?

DSC_0007_small DSC_0010_small DSC_0006_small