Taste of Summer

I went on a little shopping excursion yesterday, because the roomie and realized that while we had stuff in the fridge, freezer and pantry…we didn’t really have any food. There was a lot of stuff that was some good ingredients, but no complete meals to make. And it was either pork or chicken in our freezer…I needed a break from that.

Well, when I went to the store, I found some bratwurst on sale. Normally reserved for summertime parties, they sounded really good. The last time that I had watched them being prepared was at a friend’s house. He boiled them in beer first (hence the name beer brats?). Given as I’ve never been the one to prepare them…that sounded like a good plan.

Let me just say, beer at room temperature or hotter for long periods of time gathers some pressure. Those lids made a very loud pop when I twisted them off.

Anyway, so I boiled the brats for about 5 minutes in a mixture of 24 ounces of beer, approximately 4 ounces of chicken broth and 12 ounces of water. Just enough to balance out the flavors. I then threw them on a griddle, flipping a couple of times. By time it was all said and done, they were probably grilling for about 15 to 20 minutes, until they weren’t pink in the middle anymore.

Serve with some cheesy seasoned fries and top with mustard…voila! The taste of summer.

Drunken Chicken

“You have to get the chicken drunk before it will let you throw it in a hot pan!”

That’s what I told my roomie last night at the store when we were picking up stuff for dinner. The (new) boyfriend [a few things have changed since the last time I posted] decided he wanted to make me dinner. And since his apartment has next to nothing in the way of cooking supplies, I had to (reluctantly!) let him use my kitchen. It wasn’t so bad. Would have been better if he cleaned it up.

So this is probably the most simple recipe in the world. Take chicken, we used little tenders, and put them in a single layer in a casserole dish. He claims that using a whole chicken is the best, but I did not want the work of preppingĀ  that last night. I had the feeling he probably wouldn’t have known how to. Anyway! So pour enough beer over the chicken to coat it. I bought Coors Light, because of the simple fact that I won’t cook with an alcohol that I won’t drink, and I don’t like the flavor of beer. Except for that one. And a couple others.

Then – this is where the “secret family recipe” comes in – aka, he didn’t know exactly how he wanted to flavor it, so he used that excuse to trick me into letting him cook it. I was told to go relax. Weird. So then, put in some garlic powder, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, red pepper flakes, and rosemary. Just a little of each. Put it in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes, then pour another bottle of beer over it, and put it in for another 20-30 minutes. Simple. Easy, and semi-quick.

We had leftover rice to go with it, and a can of green beans. If nothing else, it was a budget meal…and possibly something that would be good on a white trash recipe site!

By the way – what the heck is in poultry seasoning that makes it clump??

Cooking with Alcohol

So this recipe idea came from a friend of mine who is pretty good in the kitchen – he made the tortilla soup from my last post. I then used his recipe, adapted some things to my liking, and presto, it’s amazing.


Pork chops and tortellini with cheesy beschamel. By far the most scrumptious and tantalizing meal I've made yet.

So pork chops. I used bone-in. I’m sure it would work with boneless as well. Ziploc bag with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and some spices. Let it marinate. Even just marinating for a few hours and being flipped once they were still so good. I couldn’t believe it.

Then tortellini. I used the kind from a bag, and then made my own sauce. They had pretty colors, and come to find out, each pretty color was filled with something different. That’s cool. The havarti/cheddar/parmesan beschamel sauce took two tries to get right, and some experimenting to achieve a flavor that I liked. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it was the “right” flavor, but it was good so who cares?

The recipes are on my recipes page…though the name for the pork is a little weird, and it’s actually a combination of two recipes to get the whole plate. Enjoy!