Clean Eating Challenge, Day 3

Yesterday was day three and so far the hardest day yet. Normally, on Wednesdays, I go and get some “fancy coffee” and breakfast on my way to work. Instead, I made a shake and headed to work. Thankfully I don’t drive right past the fancy coffee or it would be even harder. We also went out to dinner with some good friends, and the salad that I had, had cheese on it. I read the listing for it, but didn’t even think to ask or skimmed over it without realizing – I’m not sure which. At least the restaurant we went to somewhat prides itself on good ingredients, so I knew what I was eating was a good choice. Surprisingly enough – I didn’t eat the whole salad! Very unusual for me. When I brought this all up to my hubby, he pointed out that I felt bad about it, which would reaffirm the reason I’m doing this challenge, so I shouldn’t be too concerned with a little slip-up. I think he’s right.

I know it’s only been three days, but I can already see/feel some improvement. I wish I would have taken my “before” picture on Monday when I started this – I had decided to wait until I was actually using the Arbonne products (which should be tomorrow hopefully!). I notice that some of the bloat is gone, that I’m not tired all day, that I sleep a lot better, and I’m not eating as much (most of the time) – oh and I’m in a relatively better mood all day. I definitely have to rethink how I see my food, though, because I don’t have any leftovers to eat for lunch on day 4 – so I can’t just run down to the sandwich shop and grab a bite, I need to find an alternative. Maybe I’ll try two shakes.bear-necessities

And with that – I leave you with a reminder. Look for the bare necessities, forget about your worry and your strife. And this dancing bear. Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Clean Eating Challenge, Day 3

  1. good for you!!! keep bit up!

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