Thanksgiving: Every food blogger needs this post

Thanksgiving. That wonderful holiday where everyone eats too much and then passes out on the couch to the sound of football and cheering fans. It’s turned in to a holiday that can sometimes involve a lot of family drama and then the anticipation of fighting the next day over some grandiose deal….even though the day before you were supposed to be thankful for what you already have. Confusing.

Well this Thanksgiving, I spent my day in the kitchen, being thankful that I have friends to surround me while my hunny is away. Otherwise it probably would have been a very lonely holiday. And of course, I got entirely too wrapped up in cooking. To the point that I didn’t take any pictures of the final spread. Including my absolutely gorgeous, brown, crispy and delicious turkey. I would have loved to brag about it, and show it off in all its glory…except it’s gone now. It was devoured, because it was juicy and delicious. I don’t like white meat because it’s usually dry. This wasn’t. I was happy with all portions of the turkey. The photos I do have are from the middle of the day. When we realized we should probably take a couple pictures.

My spread included everything. Turkey, homemade stuffing (mama’s recipe 🙂 ), cranberry relish which I can eat by itself any day of the year, home made bread, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pineapple (not using canned yams, using actual sweet potatoes), glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, brownies, pecan pie tartlets… mmm delicious.

One of the best ‘adventures’ of the day was the making of the bread. We decided that since I probably already had everything on hand that we were going to need, why not make the bread and save us some money? Great idea. So the bread started out great. Add all the ingredients, and get the kitchen-aid working. Then the instructions said to let it rise, covered, for an hour. Ok, no problem. Punch it down, knead it about five times, flip it on to a floured surface and stretch it out. Then braid it so that you have a loaf, rather than rolls. That sounds awesome. Ms. Kelly and I were very excited about this endeavor. So we did that and set it back to rise for another 30 minutes. Well, when we uncovered it to brush it with the egg/water mixture to ensure it would be golden and delicious, we found our beautiful braided dough had spread out instead of up. Meaning the braid melded back in to the rest of the dough…leaving us with basically foccacia bread. It was still delicious, it still cooked up the way it was supposed to and was great for making paninis…but still. That was not the desired effect. Anyone have any idea why that happened? Hints would be appreciated because I plan on making it again. It almost had a sourdough taste to it. And I love me some sourdough.

Second best thing? Low-calorie dessert. Except for that whole you’re only supposed to have one to keep it low-calorie. Yeah that didn’t happen. We made pecan pie tartlets out of the Eat More of What You Love cookbook. They’re only 200 calories per tartlet. Awesome! Except they are absolutely delicious with whipped cream on top, and two-bites for one. Which make them like Pringles: Once you pop you can’t stop!

Thanksgiving was perfect. A great day. Even if I was missing my best friend, and he was missing his favorite food.


One thought on “Thanksgiving: Every food blogger needs this post

  1. Sounds fantastic! I forgot to take a picture of my turkey as well 😦 I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t think about it, I take pictures of my eggs in the morning for godsakes!

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