Catching Up

Goodness it’s been a long week! Job hunting, working on Christmas shopping, taking care of two new kittens. I’ve been crashing into bed every night completely exhausted, and I’m still not getting everything done that I want to.

But! I did make some pretty tasty stuff this week that I thought I would share with you all. (Healthy stuff!)

Let me just say, if you’re trying to eat healthier, do yourself a favor and invest in a George Foreman Grill. You can get them at Wal-Mart or off Amazon, even at Kohl’s, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond. If you get the opportunity, find one with removable grill plates, because it’s a lot easier to clean. But! I digress.

The GFG makes cooking healthy stuff super easy. I made chicken on it, that was rubbed with a blend of garlicky spices, and it was moist and juicy and delicious. It’s even better when you pair it with some veggies you made in the microwave in a Ziploc Steam Fresh Bag. Oh yeah, and did I mention it takes a grand total of maybe 30 minutes to make an awesome meal?? If you’re like me and have a hunny that isn’t always home for dinner, you can make two chicken breasts and refrigerate the other one to use later in the week. 30 minutes AND you cut your cook time for another meal in half! You’ll thank me later.

I sound like an info-mercial right now, don’t I? Oh well, totally worth it.

The other pretty awesome thing that I made this week (on my GFG I might add!), were burgers! Homemade burgers! Not the kind that you open up a bag from the freezer. No. Put ground beef in a bowl and get to seasoning! I’ve found that spicy mustard and worcestershire with garlic and little bits of onions make some killer burgers. And then, I stacked it to the sky with cheddar and pepperjack cheese, tomato, lettuce, avocado, bacon, and saute’ed onions and bella mushrooms. I’m pretty sure my hunny didn’t even breathe while consuming his burger in 10 seconds flat.

Oh yeah, and I made coleslaw to go on the side! That was healthy too. It came from my “Eat What You Love” book. I’ve talked about that one before too. In my berry coffee cake post. Delicious.

So the moral of the story is, that if you’re trying to eat healthier, you have to commit, and there is no rule that says your food can’t still be scrumptious.

One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Great stuff Jenn, Yes! You are absolutely right about the GFG! With all the bells and whistles! Its worth the extra few bucks for removable Liners and adjustable temps!You’ll be glad you did!

    We’ve got the G F Grill (the version with removable liners and adjustable temp) worth its weight in Gold for healthy fast and tasty cooking for two! Its not so good for larger parties, but its rarely anybody but we two!

    BTw I was looking for a ,mailing address for you and Morgan, but didn’t want to bother your folks, would you mind sharing, ( soon) so we can send you a Christmas Card, thanks Jenn for sharing the Culinary Insights, its always interesting and a pleasure to be in your life! unc dennis

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