Dirty Bird Sketti

Last night for dinner, I decided to use one of the many cookbooks that I’ve bought with grand dreams of making amazing dishes. Well the one recipe that we picked was pretty amazing. Thank you Guy Fieri! And not only did I get to use one of my newer cookbooks, I also got to use three of my kitchen toys that I’ve never used! Cookbook holder works wonderfully well for making this easy to read while cooking, the immersion blender is messy but fun, and the avocado slicer works better if the avocado is riper. But none-the-less, last night’s meal added to my feeling of finally being settled.

Anyway, I made Guy’s “Dirty Bird Sketti,” and was skeptical as I did it. I started off by making his marinara sauce from scratch (and I may never buy marinara sauce ever again). That took about an hour. And then there was some bacon crisped, chicken spiced and browned, and then some onions in a sauce and pasta in a pot. And it was amazing. The spice rub that you make for the chicken makes a mild-tounged person like me worried that it’s going to be insanely spicy, but it’s not. It’s very well flavored with just a small kick of spice right at the end of it. What made it nice is that it uses a quarter cup of dry white wine in the sauce. Well, given that I’m not normally a white wine drinker, it’s not something I keep on hand. But since I only used a little of the bottle that I bought, we had enough to go quite nicely with the dinner.

My momma would be proud, because I made sure to put green stuff next to my Sketti, making for a well rounded meal.

So, given that I have high respect for Mr. Fieri as a chef (all of his recipes are just a little bit crazy and a lot of unexpected but insanely delicious), I’m not going to post the recipe. Go buy his book. It’s worth the $25 dollars I promise.


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