The Next FN Star: LT Style

I went to a BBQ today with some LT buddies from my class, and one of them we have now designated class chef. He picked up and prepared all the food and everyone else brought sides and drinks… Man this guy can cook!

He made corn on the cob with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and then topped it with cinnamon and sugar. I never knew how well that would go together! Once grilled and crispy, it was slightly smoky and had an amazing flavor that brought out the sweetness of the corn.

And then there was his chicken. I apparently stuck my foot in my mouth because when he asked if it was good, I said “Oh My God, Good doesn’t begin to describe it.” Well, being around soldiers means that the next thing anyone asks is if he can always make girls say that. Geez.

I watched him prepare this chicken, and there were a ton of different spices that went on it. It started with basil, and then some oregano, montreal chicken seasoning, seasoned salt, garlic powder, paprika, splenda, brown sugar, and honey barbecue sauce. When grilled, the skin got crispy and delicious, and it was juicy and just plain amazing.

He also made a second batch that were almost like buffalo wings, because they had the same seasonings, but then he made up a Frank’s Red Hot, butter and basil sauce to go over top of them. I don’t normally like spicy, but these were just spicy enough that it was a good flavor instead of a kick in the butt.

I may need to watch him cook some more, he could expand my repertoire ten fold if he makes food that good all the time.

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