Chicken Corn Chowder

Thank you Buns in my Oven! I saw this post this morning from that blog on my reader, and I had to make it. If it wasn’t 9 a.m., I probably would have made it right then. But as it was, the chicken wasn’t defrosted, and I didn’t have any potatoes.

This is one of those recipes that is so absolutely perfect for either a) a crowd, b) a rainy day or c) when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and need dinners for a week. I don’t care that I’m going to be eating it again and again, it was so worth it!

I think this was the most prepared I’ve EVER been to make a dish. I need to do that part more often, because when I don’t have a sous chef following behind me, it makes the whole process a lot easier.

But either way. So EASY! Boil and then shred the chicken. Cook chopped bacon, remove from pot, saute potatoes and white portion of scallions in grease. Add stock, milk and spices. Boil and then simmer for 15 minutes. Add chicken and corn, warm through. Serve with cheese, sour cream, green part of scallions and bacon. This very much makes me think of a loaded baked potato, just in a bowl and with some corn.

Revisions for next time? Marinate and/or rub down the chicken with spices to add more flavor. Use cream instead of milk. And add cheese to final cooking process. Everything is better with cheese.

One thought on “Chicken Corn Chowder

  1. Hi Jenn, WE are enjoying the Recipes, an have even thought we might ‘send one back to you’ in return.

    I made a Pot of Southern Colorado style “Green Chile” last week, when we both had a “hankering” for some ‘hot’ of our own. It’s a local favorite that isn’t found usually very far outside of our locale, (and maybe Northern Mexico), made with “hot-mild” Green Chile Peppers like the Hot Anaheim, Pobalano, or even the milder Jalapenos! Have you ever heard of or had any?

    It’s like a Green/brown Meat based Hot Pepper or Soupy Hot Sauce in consistancy , and is used to cover meats Tortillas, Eggs and and potatoe dishes! Well, in Pueblo it’s used (by some) to cover/compliment nearly everything (except ice creaam).

    Anyway, we took some photos to go along with the text I’ll send you. If you want to use it for a Guest Contribution” on your Blog, you’d be more than welcome to!

    ASk you dad about the Local Green Chile Tradition/Addiction, or Grandmother Jan, shes sure to be familiar, or even a long time fan/hater of it. It’s something you either like or dislike.

    I learned how to cook the “orginal recipe” variety from my hispanic counterparts at Comanche Station(Power Plant) where your Grandpa and I worked for many years.

    WE would often have ‘Potlucks’ and even ‘Chile Cookoffs” when we had fundraisers and such for employees who were in need of help or something. I did win a couple of times with my Green Chile, and few times it a “Red & Green “Wildman Chile” that I cooked with “Elk Meat” instead of the traditonal “pork or beef”!

    I will try to get the thing together,soon and send it on. OK?

    The websites are coming along but still under construction most days, so if you go there to peek, dont be surprised to find “dissarray”in a big way!. All pages are currently under password protection. >>>>das<<<>>><<<&lt;

    Again Jenn, only if you have time and are interested.

    I will share with you that seeing your actility and web-presence was "inspirational" to me. I was that impressed with what you had done. I dont know of anyone in my peer group who has had time or interests really, and has likewise dove into the web and done these things. But I've dreamed of it for years and really wanted to market my Art this way! Its the modern means of doing business!!And by the way, I've recently "lost my fear of it", and have good reasons to go forward. So why not? Thanks for providing some stimulation! Jenn,its good to have this little contact with you, I'm glad for it and so are my girls! Hope you are all well & happy (as you can be)(Until you're able to get together with "Montgomery"), anyways! We know that's the big deal in your lives, and so it should be! He seems like a great Guy! Lots of Good Luck to you as a couple, and Love to you both as well,!

    PLease give your folks our regards and tell your Dad I'll be enlisting him too for some feedback!
    Laters, dennis and phyllis

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