Shrimp Primavera

Last night’s dinner very well may have become my new favorite pasta dish. In Italian, “Primavera” means spring, and that’s exactly what this made me think of. All the veggies made it super fresh tasting, and I love dill, so this was fantastic. What made it even better is that I’m pretty sure I could have used all frozen veggies and it would have been just as fantastic.

I heard someone on one of the cooking shows say something about the more colors a dish has, not only is it prettier, but it’s also healthier. It just made me feel good to be eating this and enjoying it.

What’s even cooler about this dish is how I found it! There are these new things in the spice aisle, and all they are is packets of spices, and then they include a recipe on the back. But the spices are the only ones that you have to add. This one had dill, thyme, onion, garlic and pepper. With pasta, shrimp, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers and peas, it all gets tossed in a cream-chicken broth-cheese mixture. Tasty!


Though Christmas has been over for a week – I hadn’t gotten the chance to post some awesome creations. Now given, I didn’t have but a small part in either of these, but they’re so cool!

Santa bread! Dad made it, from scratch. It’s a little creepy, but it was so good! It made such good sandwiches and spreading some cheese on it was scrumptious.

“Chooo Choooo!!” This was the cutest, coolest thing ever. They’re little individualized cakes that came out a mold, and then topped with about a pound of colorful frosting each. I don’t normally cake, and I really don’t like frosting, but I was licking my fingers during the decoration period. And that tree?? The green part anyway – all me 🙂 No one actually had a piece of the cakes, which was highly disappointing, but they were fun to look at!

Taste of Summer

I went on a little shopping excursion yesterday, because the roomie and realized that while we had stuff in the fridge, freezer and pantry…we didn’t really have any food. There was a lot of stuff that was some good ingredients, but no complete meals to make. And it was either pork or chicken in our freezer…I needed a break from that.

Well, when I went to the store, I found some bratwurst on sale. Normally reserved for summertime parties, they sounded really good. The last time that I had watched them being prepared was at a friend’s house. He boiled them in beer first (hence the name beer brats?). Given as I’ve never been the one to prepare them…that sounded like a good plan.

Let me just say, beer at room temperature or hotter for long periods of time gathers some pressure. Those lids made a very loud pop when I twisted them off.

Anyway, so I boiled the brats for about 5 minutes in a mixture of 24 ounces of beer, approximately 4 ounces of chicken broth and 12 ounces of water. Just enough to balance out the flavors. I then threw them on a griddle, flipping a couple of times. By time it was all said and done, they were probably grilling for about 15 to 20 minutes, until they weren’t pink in the middle anymore.

Serve with some cheesy seasoned fries and top with mustard…voila! The taste of summer.