Halloween Bars

I got this one off you are what you eat…or reheat. She’s definitely up at the top of my list for favorite bloggers. I think it’s because she writes like me, and she eats like me. The main difference is that she’s a better food photographer than I am. And she has more time to cook.

Anyway! So these bars are rich and delicious, a little on the chewy side, and perfect for satisfying my sweet tooth. The only part that I don’t like about them, is that they aren’t the type of dessert that you can make as you’re prepping dinner and have them be ready fresh out of the oven. They fall apart when they’re cooled, let alone when they’re warm! Although, they’re perfect with a glass of milk.

Katie, on YAWYEOR, mentioned that she used brown and orange M&Ms (apparently she has the patience). But also said that they would be good with Reese’s. Well, I got the two combined, because since it is Halloween, Reese’s puts out pieces that are in brown, orange and yellow. It’s great!
You can find the recipe copied directly from YAWYEOR on my recipe page.


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