Up and coming

Things have been so crazy in my life lately, that it really has been almost a month since I spent any time in the kitchen. I just recently made a couple comfort meals (that I’ve already posted here previously!) to get back in my groove, and I changed my availability so that I have nights where I can cook.

So reading some posts off other cooking blogs (see my “what I’m reading” sidebar!), and realizing that fall really has rolled around, I’m kind of excited to make some stuff that reminds me of home. I’m kind of making my own place in this big world now that I’m not in school anymore, and it’s just recently started to hit me. It’s time to make toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread, maybe even zucchini bread, just like mom does.

And soon, winter will be here, the time for eating too much good stuff! I wonder if I’ll actually be able to help out with that fun process instead of just enjoying it all. I never thought of my family as the “traditional” type, but in reality, when I take a step back ,there are so many more traditions that we have than I ever imagined.

Some of them:

Making patisa bread, pecan pie, and sugar cookies at Christmas.

Making pumpkin pie and deep fried turkey at Thanksgiving.

Spending time together, because that was the only thing that could bring us all together for more than a crazy weekend – the holidays.

Dressing up in warm clothes and hanging out playing cards and cranium.

I can’t wait. This is my favorite part of the year, because I’ve always been attached to having family around, and I miss them.