Berry Bread

This is the first installment of updating this thing for the first time in a long time…one more to follow.

I really do enjoy having time off where I can make something a little extra. This time it was straight of off the Cooking Channel. On Chuck’s Day Off, he makes this dessert that looks so ridiculously easy, I have to try it. All he does is take berries (he uses fresh, I use frozen), combines them with sugar and then puts them on the stove so they can reduce and create a syrup. This reduces down into a sweet, and slightly tart, syrup that is used to create the base for the bread pudding-like dessert. And let me just say, it tastes really, really good on waffles. So the next step is to cut crust off of bread, soak one side in the syrup, and then put it in a bowl lined with plastic wrap, syrup side out. When that’s all done, so that you’ve practically created another bowl with the bread, put the berries, strained slightly, in the middle of the bread bowl, and then top it off with more bread. Basically making a lid.

The tricky part, for me at least, was finding something heavy to put on top of this creation, because it needs to be weighted down and left in the fridge for 8 or more hours. That’s what the guy on Chuck’s Day Off said, and I only let mine sit for about 6 hours. Trust me, let it sit for 8. Then you basically flip it on to a plate, and cut it like a cake. Tasty dessert.

*NOTE* When storing this dessert, make sure that is in a bowl or something deep, because as it sits for a day or so, the syrup starts to leak out and if its not in a deep dish, it will attack the inside of your fridge.


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