Altered Favorite

So for dinner the other night I wanted to make something simple and not time consuming. We’ve had hamburger helper in our cabinet for goodness knows how long…so voila! The dinner problem was solved. But anyone who knows me knows that I cannot just make something the way that the box says to.

So my four-cheese lasagna hamburger helper turned into a dish more Italian, and of course more cheesy. Instead of just grilling up the hamburger solo, I added in garlic and chopped green onions. And then I threw in some more Italian seasoning, the pre-mixed kind, and topped the whole thing off with some Monterrey-jack cheese. My roomie actually taught me something aboutĀ  making this stuff out of a box too! She told me that if you don’t drain the hamburger – because a lot of the flavor lies in the juices that cook off – to just add 1 cup instead of 1 1/4 cups of water, and it won’t become a soup. Awesome!


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