Mac and Cheese Experiment

My goal was to make home made macaroni and cheese. I’ve never done it before. But me and the roomie being the cheese-hounds that we are, I couldn’t just make it with cheddar and call it a day. That defeats the purpose entirely. About the same time that I decided I wanted to do this, shredded cheese was on sale at the grocery store. Fantastic! So I picked up about 8 different kinds, along with two block cheeses, to accompany the other kind I had in the fridge, and some small custard cups. That way, I could make individual portions with different mixes. This is gonna be fun.

So I ended up only making 6 mixes, because that was what sounded good together. They were:

  1. Havarti and cheddar
  2. Havarti, bleu and muenster
  3. Mozzarella and bleu
  4. Colby-jack and muenster
  5. Feta, cheddar and pepperjack
  6. Mozzarella and cheddar

I found a recipe that called for a mixture of evaporated milk, sour cream, eggs and seasoning, and then I could play the layering game of macaroni, cheese, sauce…so on and so forth. This made it really easy to make individual portions. Then once it was baked, we just pulled out the portions and sat down to try them all. I kept a pen and paper near by so I could make notes on what we thought about each of them.

The decision: All of our mixtures needed some garlic, and some of them needed some other seasonings or meat. The favorites? It came down to the havarti, bleu and muenster, and the feta, cheddar and pepperjack. Though with both, we decided that if using a chunky cheese like bleu or feta, it needs to be melted down into a cheese sauce first.

Here’s my notes on the rest in case anyone else wants to give it a shot:

  1. Havarti and cheddar – classic taste, would be good with mild Italian sausage.
  2. Havarti, bleu and muenster – needs to be melted, the bleu is too overpowering when just crumbled.
  3. Mozzarella and bleu – not creamy at all, needs Italian seasonings to compliment the mozzarella.
  4. Colby jack and muenster – kind of boring…no burst of flavor. Would be good with ground beef though and some spice.
  5. Feta, cheddar and pepperjack – needs a sneaky spice, like cayenne, and needs to be melted down. The feta amps up the flavor from just plain cheddar and pepperjack, making it a unique choice.
  6. Mozzarella and cheddar – though good on a pizza, it only got two bites. Not really a point with pasta, too bland.

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