Home cooked yummy

So having made the trip home for the Independence Day weekend, of course I got home cooked yumminess. Its one of my favorite parts of being home, because no matter how hard I try, I can’t ever recreate mom’s cooking. But this time, the yumminess was in new forms! Mom decided I was going to be her guinea pig on some new recipes she wanted to try, because she knows that I will try about anything when it comes to food.

On the first night, she made these ground turkey, rice and pinto bean burgers. She said she added in coriander seeds and some cayenne pepper (in substitution for chili powder that she didn’t have). We decided that next time she makes these – or if I do – that we need to use ground coriander. Did you know that coriander seeds bite back when you bite down on them? Oi! We put these burgers on whole wheat buns, with a creamy avocado mixture – almost like a guacamole, but not quite as chunky. A little bit of red lettuce and voila! Tasty.

*As a side note, getting serrano chili juice in your eyes and then rubbing them…very reminiscent of the gas chamber at Army training, and very much not pleasant.*

On night two, she made something I had heard of, but that she hadn’t had in years, and I plain had never had. A Spanish dish, Paella. Rice that is cooked with saffron ($16.99 a bottle!), mixes in with frozen peas, shrimp, spanish chorizo (though we used smoked sausage because the chorizo wasn’t readily available) and mussels…I was pleasantly surprised. I’m pretty sure there are some other ingredients in there, but I wasn’t home when she was making it, so I couldn’t tell you what they were. If you’re ever in the mood for spanish cooking, try that.


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