So I promised a post about the spaghetti that I made a couple nights ago…unfortunately I’m only getting to it now! And of course I don’t have the card with the pictures on it, so those will have to be added later.

I thought I was going to have three extra people besides me and the roomie, but I got canceled on by two of them – therefore I had too much food. But it was definitely scrumptious.


My spaghetti with tasty garlic bread.

I’ve found that I’ve pretty much got mom’s recipe memorized, because once I looked at it to make sure I had all the ingredients, I didn’t look at it again. It was somewhat miraculous that I actually had the spaghetti spice mix. It was hiding with the rest of the spices in the bags in the cupboard.

So the process for spaghetti is pretty easy actually. You need spaghetti, obviously, so go ahead and get the water boiling on that. When it’s boiling, add in your olive oil (twice around the pot), and a palmful of sea salt. The olive oil keeps the pasta from sticking together, and the salt flavors it. This is really the only chance to flavor the pasta itself, before you mix all the other ingredients with it. At the same time, get your ground beef going, let it brown, add the tomato sauce, tomato paste, and water, let it simmer, add the seasoning, the mushrooms, olives and corn, and let the flavors combine. Once it’s good and bubbly, drain the pasta and mix it all together. Some people like to put the meat and sauce on top of the pasta rather than mix it all together, but I like it together. It’s going to end up that way anyway.

Make some garlic bread to go with it (I have a recipe for that), and serve it up with some parmesan on top…and you’ve got a filling and scrumptious comfort meal that can feed a crowd.

Here’s the recipe.


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