Cooking with Alcohol

So this recipe idea came from a friend of mine who is pretty good in the kitchen – he made the tortilla soup from my last post. I then used his recipe, adapted some things to my liking, and presto, it’s amazing.


Pork chops and tortellini with cheesy beschamel. By far the most scrumptious and tantalizing meal I've made yet.

So pork chops. I used bone-in. I’m sure it would work with boneless as well. Ziploc bag with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and some spices. Let it marinate. Even just marinating for a few hours and being flipped once they were still so good. I couldn’t believe it.

Then tortellini. I used the kind from a bag, and then made my own sauce. They had pretty colors, and come to find out, each pretty color was filled with something different. That’s cool. The havarti/cheddar/parmesan beschamel sauce took two tries to get right, and some experimenting to achieve a flavor that I liked. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it was the “right” flavor, but it was good so who cares?

The recipes are on my recipes page…though the name for the pork is a little weird, and it’s actually a combination of two recipes to get the whole plate. Enjoy!

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