Crunchy Crusty Creations

We decided to cut up some rolls to turn into bread for our pasta dinner tonight, but oh what to put on them? Instead of just trying to decide on one thing, we went for four…and that was about the best idea ever.

Option one was simple: a little butter and some granulated garlic bread. Should have added a little salt, but good none the less.

Option two, and better than one, was the basil pesto option. I had actually found some pesto in a jar that I can keep in a jar and it works just as well as the fresh stuff. Almost tastes better to, because it has time to marinate.

Option three, we added cheese. Just a little olive oil, and some Havarti cheese on top. I haven’t had Havarti prior to a couple days ago, but it has a yummy, creamy consistency and a buttery texture with a smooth taste. Come to find out, it melts extremely well.

Option four, which I rate number one, was the mixture of the Havarti and the pesto. The creamy taste with the tangy pesto was a perfect combination on the crunchy bread.

Overall, serving it with pasta, you just can’t go wrong.


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