Fried Food without a Deep Fryer

I haven’t had the chance to make dinner all week with the start of school. With a night to chill, I decided to fry some chicken. But we all know I can’t just use egg, milk and flour. Doesn’t work. Too simple. What I did simplify, though was the use of a deep pot and vegetable oil instead of using a deep fryer (mainly because I don’t have one – the trick is to make sure the oil is screaming hot).

It's a little crispy, but it's good that way.

It's a little crispy, but it's good that way.

So instead, I mixed with my flour a garlic mesquite spice that I got from a renaissance festival ( with some parsley – which brings out the flavor of other spices, oregano for that smoky Italian flavor, and of course some salt and pepper. And then I added about a palm-ful of bread crumbs for some more crunch. I attribute the darker color to those. And then with the egg I mixed milk and sour cream, it made the batter a little more doughey and a whole lot crispier.

I served these crispy peives of goodness with some boxed pasta (I used Garlic and Olive Oil Vermicelli) and some leftover ratatouille. Yum!


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