Honey Mustard Chicken and Ratatouille

Yum! This Honey Mustard Chicken was fantastic! I took a little bit of spicy dijon mustard, mixed it with an equal amount of honey from the honey bear and two splashes of apple cider vinegar, then rolled some chicken around in it and threw it in a hot pan. OH MY GOODNESS. It was fantastic!hm chicken

Ratatouille on the other hand was a little more tricky. Though well worth it. I love veggies and mixed with the tomato chunks it made them taste so much more flavorful. The only trick is that it has to be covered in order for everything to soften up and the flavors to infuse. What made it even better is that I actually reserved some of the eggplant and squash from the paninis and just chopped that up with the onions and garlic,  so I didn’t have to buy anything! Woohoo! (Here’s the recipe).

I paired these with some boxed pasta, and voila! Dinner for two. I bet with some candlelight and a good bottle of wine it might actually be kind of romantic.


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